Tips to Keep Your Kids Content and Occupied on Moving Day

16 February 2017
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Moving to a different home is not an easy task, especially if you have young children. Young kids tend to be very needy, and they do not always handle routine changes well. Because of this, you might have a difficult time getting prepared for your move, and moving day might be the most challenging part of the process. Here are some tips to help you keep your kids occupied and content on moving day. Read More 

Packing Tips For A Stress-Free Move

14 July 2016
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Moving can be very stressful, especially when you not only have a lot of things to move but also have to deal with the pressure of moving deadlines, storage unit contracts, accidental property damage, and other emergencies that may crop up during a move. The following are tips that will come in handy when it comes to reducing your stress load during a move. Start packing the things that you need the least Read More 

Keeping Furniture In Great Shape When Your Storage Unit Does Not Have A Climate Control Feature

20 April 2016
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If you need to store furniture while you prepare to move to a new home, you will want to take the necessary steps in ensuring its safety while in a storage facility. It is best to rent a unit that offers climate control to ensure pieces are not left in an area with excessive humidity levels, which could cause damage as a result. If you do not have this option, use the following tips to make sure your furniture remains in the best possible condition while awaiting a move to its new home. Read More 

Clothing Storage - Tips To Reduce Mold And Mildew

15 September 2015
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If you intend on moving from one home to another, then you may need to store things for a short period of time while your new house is painted, cleaned, or remodeled. Storage facilities are a great place to secure things safely for both short and long periods of time. If you need to store clothes, then mildew may be a huge concern for you. To store your things without mildew becoming a concern, read on. Read More 

Baby On Board! Three Tips For Safe Moving While Pregnant

4 August 2015
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Moving can present dangers to anyone. There's always a risk of dropping something heavy on your foot, hurting your back when lifting a heavy box, or over-exhausting yourself because there's just so much to do. These and other risks are enhanced when you're moving while pregnant. To protect yourself and your unborn little one, make sure you follow these tips: Enlist Lots of Helpers, or Hire a Moving Company Sometimes, in a rush to get moved quickly, you might be tempted to lift just that one box you know you're not supposed to lift. Read More